Texans Lie…About Health

Texans lie.  At least according to the True Results Health Honesty Survey.

According to the results, more than half of Texans admit to lying to family or doctors about diet and exercise. 46% are not honest with family members and 32% lied to their doctors. From this group, about 70% lied only a few times each year.  57% lied to avoid embarrassment, and 33% just did not want to explain the truth.

According to Jessica Diaz, nutritionist and exercise physiologist for True Results stated: “Lying about your health and fitness, if even only a few times per year, can signify a fundamental issue in your ability to achieve your health goals, Numerous studies have shown, the key to achieving any health or fitness goal is support from those around you and that cannot happen if you’re not honest with yourself or others.”

The survey also showed that more women lie than men about their diet and exercise habits (50% and 43%) as well as to their doctors (34% and 28%).

Apparently, underweight people lie just as much as overweight individuals.

The complete report can be viewed HERE.