Mergers and Acquisitions

Hospital consolidations have increased dramatically over the past few years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. We can prepare you for every stage along the way – from driving a transaction forward to offering advice and guidance behind the scenes.

We understand mergers and acquisitions, as well as the historical trends that have shaped the industry over time  — from hospitals borne out of necessity to those forced to close due to fluctuations in our nation’s health care system. We combine this knowledge with a firm grasp of the nuances behind the business of today’s hospital consolidations.

Modern medical facilities make up the cornerstone of the American health care system, yet their evolution, codified through four centuries of federal and state laws, has been the result of a multitude of diverse factors, such as:

  • Advances in technology and medical science
  • Changes in the approach to the treatment of disease
  • An ever-expanding national and global economy
  • The gradual but persistent progression of basic human, civil and fundamental rights

275 years in the making, the influence of economic, social and technological developments on the way health care is delivered has ultimately created the hospital system we know today. It is these same forces that reshape the industry’s landscape each time our health care system undergoes monumental changes in its structure – merger by merger, and consolidation by consolidation.

Let us help you understand  where America’s health  care is headed and address tomorrow’s changes before they become obstacles.