The United States has entered a progressive era in health care that challenges providers large and small to embrace the recent core changes to our nation’s health care system. With new regulations promulgated each week adding layers of complexity to the epic restructuring brought about by the Affordable Care Act as well as its dismantling, today’s health care providers must adopt both short and long-term visions as they focus on overcoming day-to-day obstacles while implementing far-reaching strategies that combine innovation, efficiency and compliance.

Garner Health Law Corporation merges a strong grasp of health care’s historical depth with a firm understanding of the changes brought about by reform. Our unique blend of perspective and experience is complemented by first hand familiarity with a broad range of issues, from reimbursement to regulatory compliance to all levels of institutional delivery, enabling Garner Health Law Corporation to represent and counsel providers in matters pertaining to contemporary health care, including those affecting hospitals, physicians, medical groups, management services organizations, behavioral health providers, substance use disorder treatment centers, independent physician associations, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, as well as other health care practitioners.

Understanding health care’s past is the key to successfully navigating its future.  Let our experience work for you.