Understanding that “Freshman 15”0

With talk about health care and obesity making headlines just about every day, there is finally a study for the estimated 19.1 million students expected to attend college and university programs this fall.  What’s the story behind the legendary “freshman 15”?

A recent study conducted at the University of Michigan identified college students with overweight roommates as more likely to lose weight — up to 1.5 pounds — than those students with slim roommates.

According to one research scientist at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research: “This finding seems counterintuitive, but there are some good explanations for why it may be happening. It’s not really the weight of your roommate that’s important, but the behaviors your roommate engages in. These behaviors are what may really be ‘contagious.’ “

The study is expected to continue, hoping to expand the understanding of this phenomenon at college campuses nation-wide.

The information from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research comes courtesy of Medical News Today.

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