Lost Hospital — Public Health Service Hospital, San Francisco, California0

Originally called the United States Marine Hospital and built in 1875, the Public Health Service Hospital initially treated merchant seamen.

Hospital patients later included the U.S. Coast Guard and other governmental agencies, as well as Native Americans and Vietnam refugees. The Public Health Service Hospital also conducted key research on plague diseases.

In 1932, a new facility was built to replace the old one, at the north end of 15th Avenue near Mountain Lake on thePresidio’s southern border. Two additional wings were added to the hospital in the 1950s, and the facility could then accommodate up to 480 beds.

The Public Health Service Hospital closed in 1981. Between 1982 and 1988, the Defense Language Institute used the facility. The sixth floor was also used by the Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC) (no longer operating) for medical research.

After 1989, the building was completely vacant until the twenty first century.

In the mid-2000s, the Public Health Service Hospital received much-needed redevelopment assistance.  After demolishing the 1950s wings of the hospital, the historical landmark was rebuilt to house 154 luxury apartments.

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