Be Vigilant With Video Games0

Video games can be bad. At least that is the opinion of Marina Krcmar, associate professor at Wake Forest University.  According to Krcmar, the more realistic the games, the more dangerous. “Greater realism leads to greater immersion; greater immersion leads to greater effects. One of those effects can be increased aggression.”

Krcmar encourages parents to be mindful of the game, notwithstanding their actual ratings. “The T-rating and M-rating for video games are not very consistent and not very informative for parents, so parents need more information. It’s getting closer and closer to virtual reality.”

[audio:|titles=Silly Kids Games]Krcmar teaches a class called “Video Games: Research and Theory.” She endorses two Nintendo DS games: “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” and “Etrian Odyssey.” “Harvest Moon,” however, is her favorite for children.

Krcmar offers a few general tips for parents regarding video games:

— Do your homework. Research new games online to find out as much as you can about content.

— Don’t trust the marketers. Many games that are marketed to kids are completely inappropriate for them.

— Talk to your kids about the games they are playing.

— Regardless of what games they are playing, set up game systems in family living spaces.

Additional source: Medical News Today.

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