Winter Journal 20130

I am pleased to share with you a collection of my most recent writings on the Affordable Care Act, all of which can be accessed through this link: Click Here for the Winter Journal 2013

The recent changes to the core structure of modern American health care are nothing short of epic, rivaled in historic scale only by the introduction of Medicare in 1965.  Although each decade over the past 50 years has in some way used government programs and incentives in an attempt to urge health care to undergo recalibration as a means to establish industry stability, by the end of the first decade of the 21st Century it had become evident that health care in the United States was fast becoming unsustainable as it existed.

Having survived last summer’s monumental challenge before the United States Supreme Court and a presidential election in November, the Affordable Care Act has not only emerged as the law of the land, it has cemented its place as health care’s blueprint throughout America for decades to come. Unfortunately, the speed at which health care reform appears to move can at times be dizzying, and its demands are often draconian at first glance.

History has shown that health care in the United States is resilient, and often finds ways to surprise even its toughest critics. Though it is too soon to predict the future of health care in the United States, the value of historical information pertaining to the evolution of our health care system should not be discounted.  Only through the combination of historical perspective and modern-day analysis have I been able to understand the essence of the Affordable Care Act.

It is my hope that the following articles will provide the reader with similar guidance.

Very truly yours,

Craig B. Garner